About Kids n Comics

I don’t think I’ll be very good at remaining anonymous, but let’s at least try to not traumatize my children when they go to school… You can call me KC (Get it? Kids n Comics). I’m a stay at home mom (for now) who’s a recovering gaming addict and comic lover. I have three gorgeous girls born 2011 (KC1), 2013 (KC2) and 2016 (KC3). I’ve known my husband (Mr. KC) since grade school and we’ve been married since 2007. He’s a military man; first US Air Force and now the Air National Guard. So we’ve moved all over the world together. I used to teach high school English and then became a secretary (or Administrative assistant? Whichever makes you happy) for a squadron commander in the USAF. I absolutely LOVED working in Admin. And absolutely HATED teaching. I have two dogs; an adorable Maltese monster named Oz and a glorious, perfect Lab mix named Cinnamon. We live the closest we’ve ever lived to our hometown now and it’s still about 6 hours away. So my hubby and I are mostly on our own; which works out fine for us (mostly). We’ll see how it works for our spawn. After all, we’re just winging it here.