I am so sick of apologizing

We all know those people. The ones who say they’re sorry for everything. I’m one of those people. Sometimes. Not to my friends, but to strangers, I just apologize for everything.

But I’m not really sorry.

I have three kids under 6. That means craziness. Especially when they’re out of their comfort zone. Which means public; Where we happen to mostly encounter strangers. So I apologize a lot for my kids. I’m sorry; she’s teething and irritable. She’s just tired. Poor girl had a bad day. Someone’s not sleeping! My list of apologies and excuses for bad attitudes goes on a mile long. The fact is, lady, Shit Happens. They’re kids and they’re sensitive to all kinds of things. stop giving me the judgey eye.

Kids have a way of embarrassing you. It’s basically their job. Even when they’re not trying. And sometimes, mine actually make the point of trying. I don’t know why. They’re not rotten kids or anything. It’s just a thing. And your kids had weird things, too, dammit. They all do. It doesn’t mean anything. They point out differences when they see them. And notice more than you think. They’re not saying it to be mean, but matter of fact. If you get offended by the blunt, brutal honesty of a child, I don’t know what to tell you. Actually I do; I say I’m sorry.

Yes, I know.

I’m awkward as shit. Let’s just not point it out. And when I point out how awkward I’m being (Because I am legit awkward) just smile and laugh it off. I’m trying to do so.

So yeah, I say some random crap. I say things that come across way creepier than I mean them. Or sometimes they come across exactly how creepy I meant them but your humor just isn’t as twisted as mine is. There is no level of oversharing that I’ve not broached. I will talk about anything. Because I just can’t stop my big dumb mouth. I say things that I immediately wish I hadn’t. I try to make it better and dig a hole so deep I will never be able to recover. And I will keep at it. Because I’m not a quitter. I’m just awkward. And we’re both uncomfortable now. Sorry.

And yes, those are squeaky shoes.

Yes, they are adorable. Nope, I’m not taking them out when you’re annoyed with them after 30 seconds.



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