Carrie Fisher is my Hero. And she should be yours, too.

I’ve always loved Carrie Fisher. She’s been an incredibly vocal advocate for mental health since before I was born and she’s a Sci Fi Princess who turned into a motherflucking General. She’s a legend. She was hilarious. She gave no shits what other people want of her in a business that’s business is to make other people like you. And I have always loved her. Then today I read this.

And she became my hero.

She stood up for her friend by taking on a big time producer. Let’s not forget in 2000, Carrie was not set to star in any new Star Wars reboots or sequels or prequels. She was a writer who  no one really knew was still working. She worked primarily in the shadows. But she probably could have used a big time producer on her side at that point in her career. But Carrie said “F@ck that guy” with no hesitation the second her friend, screenwriter Heather Thompson told her that the producer had sexually assaulted her.

She believed her without question, too.

Probably because she’d experienced this kind of thing herself on more than one occasion. (Most women have. Even more actresses.) Certainly she believed her because she was a good friend. And, dammit, because she was just a quality person. And a hell of a lady. Who said f@ck a lot. (I love her.)

The next time she saw this producer, she went prepared. She personally delivered to him a Tiffany’s box with a perfectly tied white bow. With a severed cow’s tongue in it. And a note that said:

‘If you ever touch my darling Heather or any other woman again, the next delivery will be something of yours in a much smaller box,’




All Hail General Carrie.

Can we please make a cow’s tongue a thing? Can this be the universal sign that “I know what you did to her/me/them, you asshat”? PLEASE?  Please let’s make this a thing.

I have several that I’m considering sending the box to, myself.

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