Snow is Life’s Sugar: It’s Best with Just a Bit on Top

Anyone who knows me and my husband, knows that we’ve moved a lot; had a lot of houses; in a lot of places. We grew up in Ohio. We moved to San Antonio, TX. Then Little Rock, AR. We lived in Germany for two (glorious) years. Back to Little Rock and then down to Navarre Beach in Florida. This most recent move, which we made about a year ago now, was from Sunny Florida back to our northern roots: Eastern Pennsylvania.

We’ve bought houses before. We’ve made them our homes. But if we’re being honest, “home” equals “North” and this is as close to Ohio as we can get without a HUGE career change. So we rolled the dice hard on this move. We may not live here forever, but it didn’t take us long to realize this is where we wanted to raise our kids.

So we looked for something in houses we’d never looked for before: Potential. It didn’t need to be move in ready, or the most ideal. Things could need repaired within a year or so; that was ok with us. Because this was, really, as close to a Forever Home as we’re likely to ever get.

And We Freakin’ Nailed it

I love our house. I mean, after 8 months living here, I still find myself smiling my dreamy smile when the light reflects in the window and wakes me gently. Or when I get frustrated with the kids and can tell them to just go to their play room. Or when hubby takes kids and I get to sleep in, I get to really sleep in. Because those screams and squeals are so far away from my bed that I literally couldn’t hear them if I tried. Almost from the second I saw this house, I could picture myself decorating for different seasons. I had no problems visualizing myself watching the snow fall while sipping my morning coffee. And I loved that daydream. I just love it here.

And the location is great, too! Pennsylvania Dutch is like… German and Ohio got together, had a baby and Ta Da! Pennsylvania. And we are nestled in this woodsy area with about an acre and a yard big enough for everyone to get their needs satisfied. It’s not as much land as I initially wanted, but it’s a bit pricier here than anticipated, so that’s an ok compromise for the great location and perfect-for-us house. Even the school district is great! I am absolutely in love.

So of course; I’m terrified we’ll lose it.

Possibly a side bar: I try not to get too political on here. I’m a moderate through and through. But this is a particularly relevant aspect of our lives: My husband left Active Duty Air Force when the PA Air National Guard offered him a full time Civilian job doing the same thing he was doing in the Air Force. So he took it. It had been a long year of training and trying to get the paperwork all completed when President Trump signed the Hiring Freeze on all Federal Employees. And hubby’s paperwork wasn’t complete yet. So we sit. We wait. And we have no idea for how long.

And all I can think is “I knew this life was too good to be true!” (In true dramatic me style, of course.) It had been getting me down quite a bit for the last couple weeks.

And then it snowed.

Yesterday it was a sunny mid 60 degree day. We played outside, we walked, we had the house completely open. It was gorgeous. And depressing. Because we’ve been so looking forward to snow. We went to bed and it was raining. We woke up and there was five glorious inches of snow on the ground. And everything was a bit sweeter.

My kids squealed us awake with excitement. We made hot coco. School Was cancelled. We got up, drank each other’s coffee on accident and got the kids dressed. I watched them make a snowman and snow angels, smiling out the window. Then we brought out their sleds and joined them. They were so funny in the snow that both my husband and I laughed until our sides hurt. Even the dogs played in it.

This is the plan. We worked hard to get this life and right now, we have it. We have contingencies for just in case, but living this is what I want. So why would I let fear get in the way of living in this glorious house, this wonderful powdery snow, my children’s giggles and stealing my husband’s coffee?

I wouldn’t. So I’m not anymore.

I will enjoy the little bit sweeter life today with a coating of snow on top just like I like my cheerios: with a little bit of sugar. But not too much. Because like too much sugar is bad for you, I really don’t need a blizzard. Kthx.


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