Thoughts Every Woman had While Trying Lula Roe for the First Time

The  Lularoe Leggings craze is ridiculous right now. Everyone and their sister is talking about them and I am nothing if not a nosy person. Basically everyone that’s recently tried them seems to have the same basic reaction. See below.

These look like my other leggings. Why the hell did I pay $25 for a pair of leggings that don’t even come in amazing prints?

These are definitely going to be too small. One size my ass, screw you Lula roe, why are you making me feel fat? Why did I pay $25 for leggings in not cute prints that make me feel fat?

Oh, these may actually fit. *sarcasm* Yay, ugly print pants that fit at least.

Omg, what?

Wait, can your see through these? No!

Holy shit, these feel like I’m wearing nothing. haha, I’m basically naked.

No, these are actually pretty warm!

These pants are better than naked!

I don’t care if I look like pork sausage I’m wearing these the second I get out of public from now on.

*checks mirror*Hey, this doesn’t look too bad!

This print goes actually goes with quite a few of my shirts.

No, this would even look cute with this one!

No I could TOTALLY rock these.

*rocks them* Hahaha, these dumb people are all wearing stupid clothes that feel like clothes and I’m wearing magic.

And they feel like I just slid my legs into warm butter! Holy SHIT these are nothing short of magic.

*looks around conspiracy * Do they know I’m wearing magic? Can they tell by my walk?

Is it just me or am I like, ten times sexier now?

No, I think I am.

Why did no one tell me this magic-butter existed?

*Spends the next year looking for epic prints*

*messages friends* Have you heard of our Lord and savior Lula? Of the roe?

Note: You can’t buy these just like, at the store, you have to know a guy. Just in case you don’t have a supplier (I mean consultant) you can use mine… Who found me on Facebook … because she’s my high school boyfriend’s wife. Hahaha, I love you, Facebook. Here she is.

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