Reunion Checklist

Hubby been deployed or on a really long TDY? (Those aren’t the same, just a reminder. And here’s why.) You’re feeling a lot of pressure with him coming home, huh? Well, how I deal with the stress and excitement and overwhelming anticipation of a day that seems like it will NEVER come is to list. It eases me. Here’s my list for every reunion after a long separation.


Because he won’t love you if you’re not flawless! (Crazy.)

Stock up!

Get all his favorite foods, socks, body wash, whatever.

Fold the Laundry

You are not fooling anyone. You did not keep up on the laundry. Don’t lie. Just reserve an entire day,

Homecoming outfits

Get an amaaayyyyzing outfit for yourself. Something that makes it damn obvious that you’ve missed him. In the biblical way. Make your panties and bra match and something he’s never seen. Or pick him up in a trench coat with nothing underneath.  (Probably not if you have kids, though…)

And what the hell, make your kids adorable, too. If nothing else, finding patriotic outfits NOT around the 4th of July should be a great distraction from missing the shit out of him.

Recon plans

What are you going to do with all the free time he’ll have after he’s back and before he goes back to work? We often go on trips, but sometimes just spend that time getting used to each other in our own home. Plan it before so that you won’t have that extra pressure when he’s back.

Welcome Home meal

Ask him for this one. He may just really be missing a Cherry Limeade and breakfast burrito from Sonic. If he wants a good home cooked meal, have at it.

Meal Plan

While you’re at that Welcome Home meal, plan the first week or so of meals. Take some pressure off. I have a bunch already prepped and ready to go in the freezer. But at least have some plans so that it’s not straight to the “what do you wanna eat? “I don’t care” crap.

One last scrub

It’s the last minute stuff. You can’t clean the shower or toilets a week before, so that morning or the night before you’re going to be doing a lot of these little things. But this also includes you. Don’t skip this. Because you’ve probably forgotten to shave your bikini line or something.

Chilled beer

They can’t drink while they’re over there. And he’s just spent the last bit of time in a shit hole. He deserves a beer, yo.

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