All-Purpose Dill Dip Recipe

I love making dips. I had my first experience with making dip when I met pre-mixed dip packages that you add 1/2 sour cream and 1/2 mayo at the Extravaganza in my hometown. Then again when Pampered chef came out with their dip lines. And then, I made friends with a girl who found a dill dip recipe that was her staple for a while. And I tried, and failed, to mimic it following her recipe. But I didn’t know how flavors worked together at the time and it just never went well.

Fast forward to a 5 month jobless period where I watched Food Network 24/7 and spent literal hours in the kitchen teaching myself, pausing TV programs, copying, experimenting and then… BAM I mastered the dip recipe my friend had given me. Problem is, after 5 months of cooking and eating… I needed to lose some weight and my friend’s recipe was doing me no favors. So I experimented further and found mayo can be switched with greek yogurt. Sour cream can be in much smaller portions and I don’t need to dip Hawaiian Sweet Rolls into it. Alas, the below recipe was born.

All Purpose Dill Dip

32 Oz Plain Greek Yogurt

8 Oz Light Sour Cream

2 T Lemon Juice

2 T Dill

2 1/2-3 T Dry Ranch

1T Dried Chives

1T Garlic Powder

Salt and Pepper to taste

First mix the sour cream and Greek Yogurt together. Add the lemon juice and stir. Then add all the spices and then stir. For optimum taste, you’ll want to let the dip set a few hours at least. I prefer it on day 2, personally, though.


This recipe has become my go to. I pretty much always have it on hand. My hubby comes home from work and breaks into it as soon as he gets into his house pants. Literally the second thing he does after getting home. So because it’s become so common in my house, I’ve adapted and changed it several times in a bunch of different ways.

Here’s the ones I’ve had great success with:

Spinach Artichoke: No ranch, add Chopped Spinach and chopped artichokes and bam, done. You wouldn’t thing so, but somehow cold spinach and artichoke dip just works. My friend did this with her mayo version so I can’t claim this idea. Dip Pita chips, Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

Chipotle: Only put in 1/2 the dill and add 1 -1 1/2 T Chipotle This is my second most used. I prefer it, but Hubby doesn’t care much for it. Dip Pretzels, Fritos, Sun chips

Tzatziki Sauce: Are you ready for how hard this one is? Just add grated cucumber. That’s it. And it’s a pretty decent tzatziki, if I do say so myself. Dip Pita Chips or Bread

Cucumber Sandwiches: If you’d rather use this to make cucumber sandwiches, substitute cream cheese or neufatchel for the sour cream and spread on the bread, then layer with thin slices of cucumber.

Buffalo: If you take out the dill and add in buffalo sauce to taste, it goes really well with wings. I make plain wings on game day and let the kiddos eat it plain while the big kids dip their wings in this.

Fresh Herbs: I used to exclusively use fresh herbs on this recipe so you can totally do that. Not only did I not notice the difference, but I just don’t go to the store enough to keep buying them out of dill. I use dried everything now, which means I can pretty much always make this dip.



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