Gold Stars for Adults

I have a kid in Kindergarten. Her favorite thing to show me is if she gets gold stars on her school work. She was sick once and I printed out some worksheets for her to do. She did great; I gave her a star. She  positively lit up. And I started thinking that we, as adults, give ourselves “gold stars” all the time.

Mine are probably slightly different than yours, though.

Things Regular Adults Earn Gold Stars For:

  1. Accomplishing their goals
  2. Working out two days in a row.
  3. Meeting Deadlines
  4. Helping Others Succeed
  5. Teaching their children to read
  6. Having a Vaginal Birth with no pain medication.
  7. Keeping their children healthy with Essential Oils
  8. Coupon-ing and saving!
  9. Biting their tongue when they don’t have anything nice to say.
  10. Not cursing in front of their children.

Things I Give Myself Gold Stars For:

  1. Fitting into my “kinda Skinny” pants.
  2. Only eating ONE cookie.
  3. Making it to school before they lock the doors.
  4. Helping my Daughter wipe her butt.
  5. Teaching my kid to only hit back if there’s not a teacher around.
  6. Having a baby while taking ALL THE DRUGS POSSIBLE and not killing my husband when he says it smells like a butcher’s shop in the birthing room.
  7. When my children are well enough to get their asses back to school.
  8. NOT going on retail therapy splurges.
  9. Not stuttering or cursing when I tell a bitch off.
  10. If I can come up with a good reason why it’s ok for mommy to cuss and not my kids.

If those aren’t that different from yours… Please message me and become my new best friend.

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