Girls Weekend! (Fall Version)


While Hubby’s deployed, I thought I’d ask some girls out for a long weekend. We live about 6 hours away from where my hubby and I grew up so we have the convenience of that being a possibility, now. (YAY!)

This deployment, I’m going to take advantage big time. I’m going to get my girl time in and make it extra girlie so as to prepare for the homecoming!

I get a long weekend, Friday night through Monday morning, with Mother in Law, Sister in Law, my mom and my lifelong best friend (my daughter’s Fairy Godmother). The five of us adults will probably enjoy many giggles and much wine while my three little ones get to play dress up and enjoy all kinds of grown up attention. There’s going to be a lot of comfort food (and a lot of ignoring calories) and a lot of fun Fall Activity.

I was a secretary before I had my kids and one of my favorite things was itineraries. (Yes. I really am that nerdy. But don’t worry, I won’t include all the details like duration of each event and locations and all that stuff. … But I want to.) So I told the visiting girls I’d write one up for them. Then I thought I’d share it, because a) I’m THAT excited and b) Maybe someone else would like to do a girls weekend this Autumn.


My Mother- and sister-in-law will be coming right around the time my oldest gets off the bus. They’ve mentioned wanting to go into Hershey so I think we’ll probably load up and head out to Chocolate World.

My girls will likely be in bed by the time my bestie and mom get in, so it’ll be a perfect time for a wine and paint night. (You’ve probably seen these and I’ve done a bunch… enough to attempt it without a teacher!) I’m going to set up a table with easels and canvases and break out the wine. We’re going to paint this: (Or something like it)


Snacks: Appetizers! Deep fried Mushrooms, Cauliflower and Jalapeno Poppers and Moscato!


Breakfast: Pumpkin French Toast (Just regular french toast with pureed pumpkin in the egg/milk batter)

Craft #1: Wine Cork Pumpkins

Craft #2: Leaf Canvases

Lunch: Loaded Potato Soup, Yeast Rolls

Activity: Pumpkin Patch/Apple Picking

Dinner: Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Cookie Pie

Sleepy Activity: Watch Hocus Pocus and eat individually flavored Popcorn


Breakfast: Cherry Cheese Danish and Cream Cheese Sausage Balls

Activity #1: Pedicures and makeup for the two oldest girls

Activity #2: Fashion Show! (My girls love to play dress up and walk the runway) And we’ll have Nightmare Before Christmas on in the background.

Lunch: Hocus Pocus Punch and Mac n Cheese (I’ll add a bunch of dried mustard, though, because I dig that)

Craft #1: Paint Pumpkins

Craft #2: Paint Welcome Home Daddy Signs

Activity #3: Manicures (Because all the messy painting is done!)

Dinner: Manicotti w/Red Lobster Rolls and Pumpkin Pie (Recipe is straight off the Libby’s can)

Sleep Activity: (If there’s time before bed) Catching lightning bugs


Breakfast: Vampire donuts

Activity #1: Get the big girls to school

Activity #2: Hair appointment with my bestie while Moms play with baby


Then my afternoon and evening will be spent crying that they had to leave.

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