Kids N Comics

So I’ve had a few (ok, a bunch) of people tell me I should start a blog. Mostly, I think, because I don’t mind laughing at myself and welcome others laughing at me, too. But whatever the reason, I do enjoy writing so I figured I may as well. I’m a stay at home mom, so I may as well do something with this abundant free time. (Hahahahahahahahaha *breath* Ha.) Besides, I’ve been writing articles or whatever you want to call them to just vent for years. I’ve tried writing fiction my whole life, but I either lose interest in the story or I just can’t stop. I have a stupid fan fiction of some anime show I started years ago and I keep adding to it; it’s like a million pages. That sentence by the way, if I even decide to keep it, pretty much seals the deal that I’m not claiming this blog in my real life.

So to try it out, I “guest blogged” (or whatever it’s called; I wrote a blog article, gave it to a friend and said “Don’t tell anyone I did that”) And I enjoyed it. So I’ve been gradually editing those articles I’ve vented in to sound less like bitch fests and more like… I don’t know, articles. Or… something? Whatever, The point is, I’ve been working on content. Yes, that sounds much more professional, yeah? So I started the process of signing up for a blog. Then it came to choosing a name. Ugh. Yeah. I’ve spent the last 6 months or so (while popping out another kid and moving across the country—NBD) trying to figure that out. A few nights ago I was trying to fall asleep and stalking my own Facebook page (as one does) looking back on the past few years and I noticed probably like 75% of my posts were related to two things: My kids and my slight obsession with comic characters. And then, my nerdiness kicked in and I was like “Omg! Alliteration! Yay, kids and comics.” And then my inner 12 year old kicked in and said “Oh! You could even do the Kids n Komics! Make it look sooo cute!” *At this point my inner grammar Nazi kicks in and bitch slaps that 12 year old and says “Shut up. Rules exist for a reason, this isn’t anarchy.” And then Grammar Nazi feels bad and says “Ok, you can keep the ‘n’ for ‘and’… You’re welcome.”

So there it is. Kids n Comics. I’ll be talking about my kids like any other ridiculously annoying mom. And I’ll be talking about comic books and other such epically nerdy things. Plus I’ll probably have the odd blog about random lessons learned in adulting. Because it’s hard and if my terrible experiences can help, then cool. If not, then hey, I’m perfectly comfortable being the blog you come back to for thinking “Woah, bitches be crazy.” And I’ll try not to start EVERY paragraph with “So” … starting next time.

So… Until next time!

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